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The Andujar family has a strong history of talented Artists. Blake Andujar started his career at age 17 designing technical training manuals for the The Bradley Fighting Vehicle, for the US Government. His scholarship to Savannah College of Art & Design allowed his entrepreneurship to grow. Within months he started a freelance business landing a national client Freedman Jewelers.

As a leading art director for RMG Blake soon became one of the youngest account executives in the South. He managed the new Panasonic account in Peachtree City, GA, where he was also a key player in the development and advertising of Peachtree City. “We put them on the map!” Club America Vacations became a dominate force in the travel business and became a multi-million dollar client with weekly ads, catalogs and sales sheets. Blake managed thousands of dollars in print.

Working for a couple other leading ad agencies, Blake Andujar polished his craft in logo design and became a marketing guru with strong re-banding skills. Clients were International, National as well as local including: STRACHAN Shipping Company (the largest shipper of freight in the world), Westin Hotels, Dixie Crystals Sugar, Anchor Bank, Myrtle Beach Golf & Yacht Club, Thomas Concrete, Sara Lee, many builders like Kevin Moody Homes and US Homes, Panasonic, Yokogawa Corporation, Caribbean resorts and many others.

At Vawter & Vawter Blake discovered the true aspect of marketing a client. Taking one client from the beginning and guiding them straight to the top. Almost every client became their finest in their business. He swiftly became Vice President of Creative. “As a team, we made clients more powerful.” Blake became a master computer artist — producing work at record speeds! The client, The Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, chose to come to Vawter due to Blake Andujar’s talent and history with Club America Vacations and other resorts.

In DC Blake Andujar assisted in many good causes and politicians and helped get a few in office/congress. He also had a security clearance for other government agencies. He spent a year re-branding and producing marketing materials for Raffa, a leading accounting firm. Clients discovered Raffa’s extreme potential and they zoomed from 400 to 600 clients. Blake provided consulting and design for a few “Biggie” agencies in DC and NY. One campaign was unveiled at the White House for President Clinton.

Since 9/11 Blake resides in his home town of Columbus, GA with his wife and 2 girls. All 3 of his brothers are entrepreneurs. Blake continues to provide valued customer service in design, marketing and print for a handful of clients — all out of state. Logo design and branding are his specialty. Assisting startups, has been consistently a strong area for Blake.

Blake has produced logos, brochures, flyers, email marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, websites design and development large and small, trade show displays, large event planning, signage, car wraps, you name it.